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We help you enhance the recruitment process for both you and your new hire;  they have a direct impact on the service you deliver the reputation your business has and the rate at which your business grows.

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Recruitment Services

As businesses start to recover from the pandemic, they will be thinking about the people they need to deliver their recovery plan. For some businesses the pandemic was a time for growth, and development. All businesses have had to change and adapt. This change and adaption is down to the commitment and dedication of their people.

Edworkation enhances the recruitment and onboarding experience for managers and their new hires. We specialise in permanent roles, catering for junior/graduate and entry level staff to junior manager management roles. We won’t bombard you or waste your time with an endless emails and CVs. Instead, we work to save you time, reduce the stress that can come with recruiting and act as an extension of your team. For us onboarding your new hire is just as important as hiring them. You can’t hire if you don’t onboard, and you can’t onboard if you don’t hire. They are a match made to be together. The onboarding element allows your new hire to BEGIN their journey with you in a productive and successful way. The transition is smoother, the engagement is stronger and the understanding more concrete. If you have a planning the recovery of your business and that includes getting the right people we would be delighted to help you achieve the right recovery result and support your business to meeting the ever changing work environment.

B.E.G.I.N. Programme

Onboarding Programme

Finding a job is one thing.  Keeping that job has its own challenges.  Its like starting high school all over again.  Lots of new and different things to learn.  New people to get to know.  As well as being an exciting time its also a little bit uncertain and nerve wrecking.  This is where you prove everything you talked about in your job interview.

Edworkation supports your onboarding process, making the start of your journey confident, impactful, and ultimately sustainable. There might not be such thing as a job for life anymore, but you do want to make the best use of this experience.  You want to learn.  You want to make a difference and you want to do a great job.  Edworkation gives you a strong foundation to get you started and keep going beyond your probation.  23% of new hires leave within the 1st year and already looking for another role within 6 months.  Get the BEGIN program and secure your work future. We help you make the best impression, and transition into your new role with ease.

Time to Thrive

Wellbeing Workshop

If you take care of your people, your people will take care of business. The wellbeing of people at work is now becoming a number one concern for senior managers. Wellbeing is quickly becoming a department in its own right. Educating employees, providing information, organising events, addressing the various wellbeing topics, and finding out what you your employees want and need to be their best selves can be a huge undertaking. Edworkation is here to lighten the workload and help you deliver on your wellbeing strategy. From mental to physical wellbeing and financial to nutritional health and wellbeing. Great people thrive when they are supported to be their best, whether at home or at work. Helping your people become well beings is good business.

The pandemic has left us all feeling less than ourselves, and whilst health and wellbeing has always been a topic of conversation and attitudes have changes in the workplace the pandemic has increased the need for businesses to act.

1 in 3 people of working age have a health condition. 14.3 million days are lost each year in the UK due to stress, depression and anxiety. 1 in 6 working adults will have experienced a common mental health disorder this week.

There is a strong case for all businesses to take care of their people and you can start now. Enquire with us to see how we can help you get started, get going and help you develop a thriving culture.

Employable Vision Workshop

Job Hunting Service

Creating thriving communities is of benefit to everyone. At Edworkation we want to help and support the development the wider community to succeed. We do this by giving them the tools to go out and learn, develop and earn. Giving them a more aspirational and promising future. Running job search workshops. Providing direction and hope for the future. Delivering 1 to 1 coaching and guidance, group workshops and development of their competencies. Working with local businesses to create jobs and supporting the hiring process. Continuing each individual for the 1st 3 months in role to ensure their transition is successful and employment is sustainable.

Get the Scoop

Exit Interview Service

The reality is that people will leave your business. The employee experience with you has come to an end. They will have valuable information that can help you attract new talent, enhance services and processes and develop areas that consistently underachieve. Exit interview can be your hidden gem. Employees can be true and honest with the feedback they give because they are leaving. Adding an external person to relay that feedback makes the feedback easier and more authentic. Data collection is a massive asset in decision making. There may be a lot of useful data that you are missing out on.
Let’s uncover what your ex-employees are saying about you and what they would do differently. Exit surveys can help you identify why people are leaving, what (if anything) you can do about it, as well as monitoring things like length of service, retention and diversity.

The surveys are designed to suit your business and asks questions that are important to the growth and development of your business. A quarterly report is then produced for management and decision-making meetings. The report will give you an insight into any patterns that are occurring in the business. Quarterly reports are suggested as this gives a more even picture about your leaving trends. If, however your leavers rate is high, then doing monthly reports can also be helpful. Over a 6-to-12-month period you can start to see any patterns emerging and begin to build a strategy based on real data.

Knowing me knowing you

Personality Profiling Service

We are complex human beings and the workplace is full of lots of different personalities. Personality profiling is a useful and proven way to help managers manage and lead better. Understanding their team dynamics to make collaboration easier and work rates better. Personality profiling can be used in a number of different ways depending on the circumstances and the aims of the business.

At Edworkation, we use DiSC profiling. This is one of the most popular profiling tools on the market. Used in over 70 countries and 130,000 organisations worldwide. DiSC profiling has a satisfaction rating of 95% amongst its users, with a 90% accuracy score. It’s a tool to help your people uncover their potential, help your managers understand the potential of their teams, support your teams communication and collaboration and reduce the conflict that might be happening within teams or departments. Addressing any of these areas will improve and enhance the productivity and development of your business. For more information about what how this can help your business get in touch HERE.

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