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Edworkation is here to support and strengthen the employment and recruitment experience for your business and your people.

As children, we can be and do anything; our dreams were only limited by the reach of our imagination. But as we get older, we become conditioned to do what we must (survival of the fittest) rather than what we want (fulfilling the dreams in our mind) and achieving our true potential.

When we finally have to make that transition into the working world the reality of what is possible changes. The working environment offers many challenges not considered whilst we are children. For those of us who are brave and confident enough, we get through these hurdles and become successful. But what happens to those who don’t possess the patience, network, bravery, confidence required by the traditional rules of success?

No matter what happens, businesses will always need people. People are essential to a business’s overall success, and the right team can take your business to the next level, whereas the wrong team can hinder your ability to grow, damage your reputation and destroy the service you provide. This is why it is key to hire the right people for your team, not just filling a seat.

We help small businesses build a people centric work culture that supports productivity and business growth.

Our Story

Why we started Edworkation

Young people are our future; yes, it’s a little cliché, but it is the working world’s lifecycle. Transitioning from university to the working world is tough, but it’s a journey that we have all had to make and can relate to. We started Edworkation to help younger people navigate this scary and overwhelming world of work, in the hopes that we can support our future, today.

Edworkation is the bridge between the younger workforce and businesses. We see potential in people, help them harness their strengths and tap into their innate talent to build a better business for you long term. Businesses are more than just a building and sales targets; it’s made up of people, and when you have the right team, with the right motivation and support, your business will have the type of longevity that Fortune 500 companies have.

From a business’s perspective, onboarding is an expensive and lengthy process, so we want to help you find the right people for the role, and then help them feel like part of the team, increasing their motivation to stay on; thus increasing your employee retention.

This is why having a rock solid recruitment process is so crucial to your business, and your career. With Edworkation, your business and your career, whether you’re a company or an individual, will massively benefit from an unbiased, external viewpoint, building a team of people who are building a career they want, not a job they need.

Your business

Edworkation for Businesses

Your team is your business’s most valuable asset. Edworkation knows that the right team can support your business to remain agile and push your business to its fullest potential. They are the key to success and we know the formula to support your business on its journey to success.

Our Future

Edworkation for People

People are change makers of our future and drive business success, regardless of the industry. We understand how impactful fulfilling your purpose is on a personal level, and have the tools to help you build a career that you want, rather than having a job you need.

As featured in the Chelsea Football Club Foundation

Chelsea Foundation’s Edge of the Box Club was launched in 2015 and over the past four years an impressive 4,000 start-ups have come through the programme.

One person who has benefitted from the Edge of the Box Club programme is Cassandra Hamilton who founded Edworkation. With the help of Chelsea Foundation’s programme, the former HR manager set up a business to help young people navigate the challenges of the work place after being made redundant and discovering her passion for helping people at the start of their careers. She said: “I didn’t think my confidence, awareness or knowledge would be this strong. It has helped me build such invaluable links that have helped to really accelerate my business.”

As featured in the Evening Standard

I always preferred the human side of HR. I interacted with a lot of entry level young people, in their first or second job. I watched how much they would struggle for their goals in their probation, and after I was made redundant in July last year, I was not sure what to do.

Cassandra HamiltonFounder of Edworkation


of hires leave within the first year


of new hires look for a new job within the first 6 months


of employees stay with a company for 3+ years if they experienced great onboarding

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