Seminars & Workshops

Edworkation is here to Empower, inspire, support and guide you from looking for a job to sustaining that job. We work with passionate, experienced partners to provide outstanding personal service. No two journeys are the same, so no two guides will be the same.​

First Impressions
CV & Cover Letter:

When looking for a job first impression count. Where do you start?

What does a good CV look like? Get your job search off to a great start. This workshop will cover the key elements of a great CV. In such a competitive market you want your CV and cover letter stand out. Discover how to identify the skills employers are looking for, how your skills match them and finally inspired to take action. Job done….literally

Skills Assessment:

What can you offer an employer?

This full competency evaluation on you that will help you understand you in the workplace. It will identify your preferred working style and behaviour. Highlight key skills to strengthen your CV. The information puts you in control, gives you better understanding and supports you in sharpening your offer to an employer. Get ahead of the competition and get in the know. Information is power. Get the information on you.

1 to 1 Coaching and consultation:

This is a bespoke 1 to 1 service designed to meet all your job search needs or specific areas that you find challenging.

The consultation is a thorough review on what you have done so far, where you are falling short and what improvements can be made to get more success. Sent out lots of applications but not getting any responses? Let’s chat.  Can’t get past the first interview? Let’s chat. In need of a confidence boost with your job search, let’s chat.

Focus Groups:

Exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s a group of people coming together to discuss the job hunting journey, sharing best practice, tips, ideas and lessons learned. You feel less isolated, alone and stressed. It’s a great confidence booster and makes a change from sending application after application alone. It helps you build your network as well as your confidence and makes job hunting more enjoyable.

SME Support Services

Edworkation supports SMEs grow, innovate and remain competitive through their people strategy

Edworkation will help you identify your skills gaps and how they can be filled. Saving you money on high recruitment bills, time consuming recruitment processes and time wasted on incorrect hiring decisions. A bad hire can ruin your business reputation, damage customer service and create a toxic work environment. Not good for your profits. Grow, innovate and stay competitive. Call me for a free consultation.

Support with the Recruitment Process

Recruitment can be a time consuming, frustrating process, we will assess what you are doing, ensure the right people are involved and the steps to hire lead to success.  Get in touch for a free consultation


Looking at the job roles that your business needs now and in the future.  To get the right people, you need to know what skills are important. Let’s uncover your skills gap and help your business grow. Call for a free consultation.

Candidate Assesment

How do you know which candidate is right for the job? 

Using an assessment process provides more insight to potential candidates.The right hire saves you time, money and improves productivity.

Job Profile Analysis

Helping you shape your job description, so you get the right hire first time.

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Company Number: 11994730. Registered Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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Company Number: 11994730. Registered Address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU